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Law School Prom March 17, 2007

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Last night was the Law School Prom.  Law School is basically high
school but with bigger books and older kids, so we get a prom.  It was
very fun.  Ben and I went out to dinner with Susan, Justin, and Alana
(her fiance's flight got cancelled because of the ice storm in DC). 
Ben couldn't dance  because of his knee, but that didn't stop me.  It was at a much nicer place than last year and the drinks were cheaper (although unfortunately rather weak).  It's so fun to see everyone all dressed up.  It is also funny to think that these are the people that will be leading our country one day, but tonight they are all drinking, dancing, and making out with each other (I said it was like high school).  There are some more pictures posted, too.

My accounting midterm was yesterday.  It was harder then the practice midterms, but I think (I hope) I did ok.  Now my studying should lighten up a bit until finals.  I hope this means I can finally finish The Thirteenth Tale.

I found out that I got a Student Funded Fellowship grant yesterday!  That means I can actually afford to go to San Francisco and work for free, now.  I'm still applying for few more fellowships, but having one definitely makes it easier.

Oh, and Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

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