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Easter, Old Books, and The Namesake April 9, 2007

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Happy Easter everyone!  Today was a great day for many reasons.  First of all, for Jesus, of course.  Easter mass is my favorite of the year and today was no exception.  Easter also means I can finally eat sweets again.  And I have a lot of sweets eating to do considering I got an easter basket from Ben, my parents, and Ben's parents. 

Dinner was great.  I got to catch up with my cousins – some of them live in Ann Arbor, but I usually only see them on holidays.  While I was at my parents, I got some of my books that were in the basement from when I was younger.  I always like revisiting books from my childhood. 

After dinner, we all went to see The Namesake, which was amazing.  It captured the book almost perfectly, and the actual movie was very well done.  I think that Kal Penn did a wonderful job as Gogol.  I also really Ashoke's character in the movie.  I liked the book when I read it, but the movie made me love it even more.

Plus, The Sopranos and Entourage start tonight!

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