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QotD: Kitchen Impossible April 13, 2007

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What was your worst cooking experience?

I've only had one really horrible cooking experience.  I'm not going to lie, I do not know my way around the kitchen, but I never really attempt anything more than lean cuisines and kraft macaroni and cheese.  One time when I was still living at my parents, I decided to make waffles for Ben, my brother, and me.  It was really old waffle mix and it called for soda water.  The only thing that I could find was this lime soda water that had been in the pantry since my grandpa lived with us 5 years earlier.  I decided it would do, but apparently I was wrong.  The waffles that weren't irrevocably stuck to the waffle iron tasted horrible.  And it took me 2 days to clean the waffle iron (I think it may still have some lime waffle residue on it, but don't tell my mom).

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