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Finished! May 1, 2007

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I took my last exam yesterday, so I am officially done with my second year of law school (assuming I pass all of my exams).  It feels so good to not have school to think about.  I'm still working and dancing for the next few weeks, so I can keep myself a little busy until I leave for California.  I'm really looking forward to reading some good books.  I'm enjoying A Great and Terrible Beauty and I think I should finish it in the next day or so. 

Unfortunately, my computer did not make it through the semester like I did and it is currently at Best Buy trying to recover and figure out a way to not randomly shut off.  I had to borrow a computer for my exam yesterday and my only time to use the internet now is at work.  I hope that it comes back healthy and not as a different computer.  It is still under warranty, so it's not costing me anything (aside from the $150 I spent to back up all of my data), but it is still annoying.

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One Response to “Finished!”

  1. Emily Says:

    Congrats! It's such a relief to finish a semester/school year! Enjoy your free time!

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