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San Francisco – Here I Come!!!!! May 22, 2007

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I'm sitting in my apartment for the last time for awhile.  I've got my bags packed (even though they weigh too much) and now I'm just killing time until my flight this evening.  I'm very excited to be spending the summer in California.  I'll miss Ben and my friends and family of course and summertime Ann Arbor, but I'm looking forward to meeting new people, spending time with Nicole, and working.  Plus, I need to get out of Michigan for awhile – I've been here too long.

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One Response to “San Francisco – Here I Come!!!!!”

  1. Emily Says:

    Yay! Have such an excellent time! San Francisco is so much fun! If you can – go to a vineyard in Sonoma called Cline Cellars – It's really low key compared to a lot of the others, and there are animals in the back in cages, sort of a mini zoo! It's lots of fun to go see them. The wine is good too, and very affordable.

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