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QotD: My Current Top 10 June 14, 2007

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What are your top 10 most-played songs currently?

I've been itching to write a post about music, so I was very glad to see that this was the question of the day.  Right now I'm into mellower music than normal, but I'm listening constantly.  My ten most-played songs at the moment:

Hey There Delilah – Plain White Tees
I love this song!  I heard it on the radio one day and instantly fell in love with it.  It is especially meaningful to me right now since Ben and I are so far away.

Canal Song (End of Sentence) – Iain Archer
This was a song that I got for free through a facebook/itunes deal, but I really like it.  I've never heard anything else by him, but this song has made me curious.

Los Angeles, I'm Yours – The Decemberists

The Decemberists are quickly gaining my fandom.  I really like this song – not sure why since I have no connection to LA except that I'm in the same state.  I'm looking forward to listening to more of their music.

Sea Legs – The Shins
This is my favorite song off of their new album.

Blitzkrieg Bop – The Ramones

I've actually been listening to the whole cd a lot, but as this is the first song, it got chosen.  It keeps me awake at work when I start to hit that mid-afternoon lull.  Plus it's just fun.

Morning After – Howie Day
Despite Ben's rave reviews, it took me awhile to get into Howie Day.  I wish I had known what I was missing.  If you haven't given him a chance, do so immediately.

Closer – Joshua Radin
Ben downloaded this after hearing it in an episode of Scrubs.  It's just a great song.

Mrs. Potter's Lullaby – Counting Crows
I've recently reverted back to my Counting Crows days for some reason.  This is a fun, entertaining song.  I can't help but sing along.

Anna Begins – Counting Crows
I know I probably shouldn't have put two songs by the same bad on here, but I've been listening to this song a lot lately, too.  There was a period a few years ago when I loved this song.  I guess I never quite got over it.

Hallelujah – Rufus Wainwright
This song is in a ton of movies/shows (Scrubs, The OC, Shrek), but I still love it everytime I hear it.  It's just a great song.

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One Response to “QotD: My Current Top 10”

  1. Michelle Says:

    I apologize to anyone listening. Some of them don't work and I can't fix it. But trust me, they are all great songs!

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