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Story Time July 11, 2007

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Since I'm too excited that Ben will be here in a few hours and can't concentrate on my work anymore, I thought that I would share with you the (unfinished) product of distraction.  My friend Susan and I email often during the work day and we recently began a story.  We each add a little bit at the bottom of our emails.  Susan is posting it to her blog, so I thought that I would follow suit.  Here is part one of our Untitled Story (the blue is me):

Once upon a time, there was a princess who had a very big problem. She couldn't open the pickle jar.  She had been craving a peanut butter and pickle sandwich. Why she had been craving it she wasn't sure.  Perhaps it was because that hot new actor was recently in both Skippy and Vlassic commercials and she thought he was yummy.  Anyway, she could really use a prince right now to open that pickle jar, so she called the operator to ask for a prince's phone number. She wasn't picky – any prince would do. The operator told her that information was confidential but that she could give her the number of someone with the last name of Prince. Thinking that wouldn't do, she hung up and tried a google search.  She started scanning the results and when she reached the fifth one her heart skipped a beat.  There, on her computer screen, was her brother. People can search for princes and find my brother? she thought. But blood family wasn't the kind of prince she was looking for. So she accepted the fact that she would have to do this the old-fashioned way.  She grabbed her purse and set out in search of some danger from which to be rescued.  She didn't get far when she stopped for ice cream. Being rescued was hungry business, and she still hadn't gotten lunch. Fortified by the sugar, she continued on. She figured the first thing she should try to look for was a dragon. Princesses were always getting rescued from dragons.  She thought the mountains were the best place to look for one of those, so, after filling up her convertible, she started driving up the mountains. After what seemed like hours (and was in reality only 30 minutes) she saw something – smoke, rising in a lazy spiral. She thought this must be my lucky day! Proud of herself for finding a dragon so quickly, she drove to the hazy area but was disappointed to see that it was only smoke coming from a little cottage.  Tired from her long (ahem) journey, she decided to stop in at the cottage.  She knocked on the door and after a few seconds it was opened by a stud. Forget about princes, she thought as his devastating smile washed over her, I could get used to this. He invited her inside, and he offered her a seat while he went to make some tea.  She took that time to look around the cottage.  It was very tidy and contained many travel books and maps.   She didn't see any signs of a girlfriend (she had already glanced at his hand to see that he wasn't married).  When the tea was ready, he joined her on the couch and as she looked into his deep blue eyes, she wondered where she'd seen him before. The longer she sat there, the more certain she became that she had met him before. But where? Her life was sheltered; after all, she was a princess. She went to state functions and wandered around the palace, but that was about it. Then she realized she had left her dog (a cute golden doodle) in the car.  She ran out to get him and when she came back, Parker (the dreamy cottage dweller) was hastily putting something away in a drawer.  He turned when she entered, looking momentarily flustered, but quickly composed himself and asked if she would like to stay for lunch.  She agreed to stay and they soon began talking of all their hopes and fears.  She told him of her quest for a prince (during which he became extra quiet) and he told her of his dreams of traveling the world.  Pretty soon the conversation just trailed off as they stared into one another's eyes. Then it hit her. He was Prince Parker from the kingdom next door! She had danced with him at her Debutante Ball several years ago, but he
looked a bit different now. But why was he living in this tiny cottage? So she
had to decide whether to question him about it or not.  She figured Parker probably had good reason for hiding his princeliness, so she decided to remain silent on the subject.  If he wanted to pretend to be a poor cottager, then who was she to stop him.  But secretly, she was thinking, this is the prince I've been waiting for.  It was starting to get late and some fog was rolling in, so she leaned very close, looked deeply into his eyes, and asked, "Do you like peanut butter and pickle sandwiches?" He smiled in return, and said, "I love peanut butter and pickle sandwiches, but unfortunately, I can't seem to open pickle jars."  The princess looked at him with great disappointment.  This can't be her prince – he can't even open a pickle jar.  How would he ever save her from all her princess woes?  Parker caught the disappointment in her face and quickly added, "I'm just kidding.  I have no trouble opening pickle jars."  She looked at him skeptically.  "I'll prove it," he told her.  But Parker had no pickle jars with which to prove his princely strength.  "I have a pickle jar that needs opening," said the princess, "let's go back to my castle."    It was quite dark now and as they walked outside…
to be continued

What do you guys think of our story?

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