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A New Home?… July 26, 2007

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Ben moved to Florida today.  He's actually still on his way, but he'll be there before the day is over.  When I get back to Michigan in a couple weeks, he won't be there.  It's weird to think of my home and my husband not being in the same place.  I guess I need to start thinking more of Florida as a home since I will be moving there eventually, but I think that will take awhile.  This summer was the longest time I've spent away from Michigan since we moved there when I was 4.  I stayed for college and for law school, so I never had to leave home.  Now I'm 24 and living somewhere else for the first time.  My parents are thinking of leaving Michigan eventually, too.  When that happens, Michigan really will stop being my home.  It's a strange thought and one I've never really had to contemplate before.  I'm feeling homesick this week, but I'm not sure where I'd rather be – Michigan or Florida.  I get to go to both soon, so I guess it doesn't really matter.

By the way, I'm not commenting on Deathly Hallows yet because I need to digest it some more (and possibly re-read it) and I would like to respect those who have not read it yet and not post spoilers.  But I did finish it on Sunday evening.  I'm currently still working on the Dorothy Parker biography (which I will hopefully finish soon) and Everything is Illuminated by Jonathon Safran Foer.

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