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Finally Home! September 2, 2007

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I'm finally back in Michigan.  I'm so happy to be home.  Of course I was sad to leave Ben in Florida, but after 15 weeks away, I'm glad to be back.  I'm busy running errands, unpacking, organizing, cleaning, and studying.  And trying to recover from that extremely embarrassing loss to Appalachian State yesterday.  I'm very glad that I was not able to attend the game.  I think I would have cried.  I start school on Tuesday – the first day of my last year of law school.  Even though I still am not sure what I'm doing come May, I'm glad to be a 3L and have the end in sight.

I'm reading Persuasion right now (I was inspired to read more Jane Austen after watching Becoming Jane).  But, the beginning of classes mark the end of my being able to read, so this is about to become a very boring book blog again.  Sorry.

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