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QotD: U.S. Presidential Debates September 25, 2007

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What issues do you look forward to hearing about
in the upcoming U.S. Presidential debates?

Health care

Those are my big three. I think that they are the big three for a lot of people.  After the year we had with Ben's injury/surgery and dealing with multiple health insurance companies, I'm very interested in a universal health care plan.  Iraq is important because it is a mess and we need to figure out what to do to get out of their with the least damage.  The economy is always of interest and living in Michigan right now makes the problem obvious.  Watching our government about to stop functioning over money issues, watching thousands of Michiganders lose their jobs, watching (and participating in) all the young people leaving the state to find better work is really sad.  I realize that is more a local/state problem, but I think the national economy plays a role.

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