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October October 4, 2007

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I think October is my favorite month.  The weather is just starting to get cooler (we'll ignore the fact that the weather is in the 80s this year), the leaves are changing, and there is that fall smell in the air.  Can anyone else pick out that fall scent?  It makes me nostalgic.  Everyone talks about love being in the air in spring, but I fell in love in the fall, so I feel it now.  Maybe part of me fell in love with the fall, too.  I hate Michigan winters, but I'll put up with them to get the Michigan fall.  I like that it is apple season and the Cider Mill is open.  I like that I can start drinking hot chocolate again.  I like that I can break out the blankets and the sweaters that have been in hiding all summer.  I love that I get to watch the baseball playoffs, even if my Tigers didn't make it this year.  I like that I get to spend my Saturdays at Michigan Stadium.  I love the smell of people burning leaves.  The excitement of an approaching Halloween.  Haunted Houses.  Caramel Apples.  Candy Corn.  What is there not to love about October?

Baseball's motto this year is "There's only one October."  I agree.  Nothing else is like October.

Do you have a favorite month or season?

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2 Responses to “October”

  1. Emily Says:

    I love September for many of the same fall reasons and because I've always loved back to school time, and it's my birthday month too. But it was really hot this year!I love October too, and it usually feels more fall-ish. Fall is my favorite season for many of the reasons you've described – I love the leaves, hot choco, blankets, football games, pumpkins, cider and doughnuts, burning leaves, bonfires, etc. There's nothing better than Michigan in the fall!

  2. Paige Says:

    October is my favorite month too for all the reasons you stated, just insert football for baseball. I love sitting outside when the leaves are changing colors and that fall scent is in the air. Plus it's my birthday month, which makes me love October even more!

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