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ABA on the Death Penalty October 29, 2007

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    The American Bar Association announced a report today recommending a national moratorium on the death penalty.  The ABA found that because of the flaws in the justice system, the death penalty results in unequal application.  This means racial and economic disparities.  While the ABA is not condoning or condemning the death penalty, it is suggesting a moratorium until it can determine if the capital punishment complies with due process and basic notions of fairness.
    I don't believe in the death penalty at all.  I am proud to be from a state that has never had capital punishment.  I think it is barbaric and violates the 8th amendment.  I understand that most of the country feels differently, but I think if everyone were accurately informed, that would change.  I hope that this poses a national debate and we can come to the conclusion of most other western countries and abolish capital punishment.

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One Response to “ABA on the Death Penalty”

  1. Girl Friday Says:

    I hope the U.S. follows the ABA's recommendation, we don't have the death penalty in Canada, which is one of the reasons I'm glad to live here.

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