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December 21st and Eclipse December 21, 2007

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So I have been counting down to this day since Thanksgiving.  I'm done
with finals and Ben is on a plane right now to visit for 2 weeks! 
Susan and I had a wonderful day.  She came over and helped me dye my
hair.  Then we went and saw Enchanted which was fabulous.  It was quite
possible the greatest movie ever.  Then we went to the IHOP that Ann
Arbor finally got.  Now I'm home waiting for it to be time to go to the
airport.  It feels great to be done with school.

Eclipse (Twilight, Book 3)

Stephenie Meyer

I finished Eclipse last night.  It was just as good as the first two
books.  I can't believe I have to wait till fall for the next one.  I'm
intrigued by Bella and Edward and Jacob and their story.  I recommend
this series to everyone.  It is highly addictive and just a lot of
fun.  But wait until you have some time to read it – you won't want to
put it down.

I am hoping to start The Golden Compass next and can't wait to enjoy in my break.

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One Response to “December 21st and Eclipse”

  1. Kristie Says:

    I hope you have a good couple weeks with Ben :o) I bet you're really glad to see him for so long.

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