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3 years ago today January 8, 2008

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Today is our third wedding anniversary, so I thought I would share some wedding pictures.  They are scanned in, so they aren't the best quality.  The first two are my favorites.  I love the colors and the light in the first one (it looks better in real life).  Ben and I just look very happy in the second one and I think it captures are mood very well.  The last one is just a picture of the wedding party.  I like that particular one because most of us are watching Christopher (the ring-bearer) dance.  Our wedding was a blast.  I'm a little biased, but it is the best wedding I've been to by far.  Maybe it was the great DJ, or the massive amounts of alcohol consumption, or the fact that we know amazing people, but everyone had a great time.  I wish I could do it all over again.  I think I just need to encourage some more friends to get married…

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9 Responses to “3 years ago today”

  1. Emily Says:

    Happy Anniversary! Those pictures are very cute! Beautiful dress.

  2. Girl Friday Says:

    Congrats on your Anniversary!

  3. Maria Says:

    Three years, wow! I hope you had a happy -early- anniversary celebration!

  4. Carmen Says:

    Happy Anniversary! really nice pictures, and your dress is very pretty! 🙂

  5. Michelle Says:

    Thanks everyone.

  6. Jennifer Says:

    Happy Anniversary! Your pics look great…

  7. Kristie Says:

    Happy Anniversary!!! Your pictures are amazing :o) I really like your dress, simple and elegant.

  8. Michelle Says:

    Thanks again. I feel so popular today…

  9. Dominique Says:

    Congrats! Your dress is very beautiful. The photos are really lovely too.

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