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Primary Surprises January 15, 2008

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So I did something today that I thought I would never do.  I voted for a Republican in a Republican primary.  So how did this liberal girl end up in that position?  Well…

Michigan held its primary today.  Way earlier than they are allowed to under national party rules.  So as punishment, the Democratic Party took away Michigan's delegates to the Democratic National Convention.  Also, Obama and Edwards both removed their names from the ballot, so even if I wanted to vote in the Democratic Primary, I'd be stuck voting for Clinton or "uncommitted."  I was planning on voting uncommitted since I would like Obama to win, but uncommitted only means that at the DNC, the uncommitted delegates, if any delegates are allowed at all, can vote for whomever they choose.  So I decided that my vote was best used voting strategically in the Republican Primary (the beauty of open primaries).  So I checked the Republican box on my form, got an "R" next to my name in the book for all to see, and proceeded to vote for Ron Paul.  I justify it a little bit by saying that he is actually Libertarian so I didn't actually vote for a Republican, but I did.  I despise Romney and Guliani, Huckabee scares me, and McCain is much too conservative for my taste.  So I thought a vote for Ron Paul was a vote against those four.  It's got to be worth more than an "uncommitted" that won't ever be counted anyway.

(All the pictures I tried to take of myself looked bad, so you just get a picture of my chest 😛 )

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