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Culture QotD: Prepare for Takeoff January 19, 2008

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What's the longest flight on an airplane you've ever taken? What was the best part? …And the worst?

16 hours from Johannesburg to New York (we had to stop and refuel quickly in Cape Verde but we didn't get off the plane so I'm counting it as one flight).  The best part was that I had just had a wonderful trip to South Africa and a lot of new friends to keep me company.  The worst part was that I have the hardest time sleeping on planes (well not anymore thanks to Ativan) so I was awake for most of it.  And I still had two more flights after that one (we took a bus from JFK to Laguardia and the flew to Chicago and then Detroit).  It was a very long trip.  Also, it was the same day as the TWA flight 800 crash at JFK, so it was a little nerve-wracking for my parents to know that I had just been there (although we knew nothing about it until we were safely home).

EDIT: I actually can't remember now if the flight was from Johannesburg or Capetown.  I know I was in Capetown at the end of my trip, but I can't remember if we flew back to Johannesburg first.  Isn't it funny that I don't remember something like that.  Either way, it was a long flight.

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