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Political Confusion March 5, 2008

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I'm sad that Obama lost Ohio and Texas yesterday.  If Clinton is the nominee, I will stand behind her 100%, but I'm not giving up yet.  Along that line, I have a unique interest in whether Florida and Michigan are counted.  I think Michigan should not be counted b/c Obama was not even on the ballot.  Florida seems a little fairer to me since they were both on the ballot, but I still get upset when she claims those two states as victories.

I'm especially intrigued at the idea of new primaries or caucuses in these two states.  It seems like that is even more of a possibility now, but I'm not sure how it would affect me personally. 

First, I chose to vote in the Republican primary in Michigan in January since I couldn't vote for my candidate of choice on the Democratic ballot.  Does that mean that I would not be able to take part in a new Democratic caucus or primary?  I'd understand the logic of not allowing me to, but I'd be upset that my decision at the that time couldn't take this possibility into account. 

Second, if the new elections don't take place until June (which seems logical because that is when the last primary – Puerto Rico – is), how does my move to Florida affect my vote?  By then, I will be a resident of Florida.  Would I be able to vote in their primary?  Or would it only include people who could vote in January?  And what about registration deadlines?  If I couldn't vote in Florida, would I be able to still vote in Michigan by absentee ballot (ignoring the Republican thing)?.  Or would I be completely disenfranchised?  Do you have to be able to vote somewhere?  This is just all so new that I am curious how it will work.

I'm not sure which state I would rather vote in.  I think they would probably both still go to Clinton since she has the Hispanic vote (Forida), older persons vote (Florida), and labor vote (Michigan).  I wonder where I would make a bigger difference?

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One Response to “Political Confusion”

  1. Kristie Says:

    I'm getting really confused about these primaries, too. I'm not in Michigan or Florida, but the whole thing is confusing me.

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