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Books and the Good Life – Part 5: Boredom March 27, 2008

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The Cure for Boredom is a Good Book

~T. Mike Runger~


give us something to do when we are bored. 
I always carry a book with me in case I get unexpectedly stuck waiting
for something.  These days it seems that
no one can ever be alone with their thoughts, especially the younger
generation.  Cell phones, ipods, and
laptops ensure that we will never be alone and bored.  Books can do the same thing.  On the train or bus, half of the people will
have their noses in books.  I used to
hate waiting for and riding the bus everyday, but once I figured out that it
was time that I was guaranteed to be able to devote to reading, it became
something that I almost look forward to. 
One reason we love books is that they simply help us overcome
boredom.  My mother and I used to spend a
few days with my grandma on Cape Cod every
year.  Cape Cod
is not as fabulous as it sounds, especially when the weather is cold, so the
three of us would just read to pass the time. 
I think I averaged a book a day on those visits.

sometimes wonder if reading has or will diminish because of the portability of
other types of media.  Now that people
can easily bring music, movies, the internet, and even people with them
everywhere, will we read less?  At the same
time, modern technology is also making it easier for us to read on the go.  Downloadable books exist so that you can read
on your PDA.  Portable digital reading
devices are the newest craze.  Books that
no longer are copyrighted can be read online. 
Will this increase in the ease of reading outweigh the decrease due to
the portability of other types of media? 
Will books be replaced as the cure for boredom?

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One Response to “Books and the Good Life – Part 5: Boredom”

  1. Kristie Says:

    I think I would miss a hard copy of books if in the long run all are digital (which is bound to happen, maybe not in our lifetime). I know I said that I liked old cameras with real film better, but I love my digital camera now. I don't think I'd ever be okay with reading books digitally–I like the real thing 🙂
    But, reading being an easier thing now–and more covert, so you can read but not look like you're reading if someone thinks they'd look like a nerd doing so–I really hope more people get into it 🙂

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