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March Books April 2, 2008

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Books Read:

I read both Notes from Underground and The Double for class.  Notes was ok, but I absolutely loved The Double.  It was just so devastating and heartbreaking.  I just wanted to hug Mr. Golyadkin.

Hamlet (Signet Classics)

William Shakespeare

This was my second reading of Hamlet but the first was quite some time ago in AP English.  I think I enjoyed it even more this time and I look forward to reading more Shakespeare.  We also had to watch Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead and I would recommend that to anyone who has read Hamlet.  It is an interesting take on it.

The Quiet American was the new law school book club's choice.  I'm glad for it because I probably wouldn't have read it on my own and I really enjoyed it.  I'd read The End of the Affair so I knew I liked Graham Greene's style but I didn't think I would have been interested in the subject (1950s Vietnam).  But it was extremely applicable to the state of US foreign affairs today.  My uncle is living in Vietnam right now.  I am hoping to visit at some point and this book made me want to even more.

I'd heard very good things about this novel and it lived up to expectations.  It was wonderful.  I tried to read it this summer, but my roommate borrowed my library copy so I never got the chance.  Then everyone in RBC raved about it so I tried again.  If you haven't read it, you definitely should.

Books Bought

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