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New Computer May 21, 2008

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So all of my Best Buy drama actually worked out in my favor.  I called yesterday to check on the status of my computer and they told me that I qualified for an exchange.  I could go in and pick out any computer that was comparable to my old one and get it for free.  This worked on in my favor for many reasons.  I bought my old laptop in May 2005, so it is three years old.  Any new computer is better than my old one.  Also, 3 years is all I was expecting to get out of that computer, so really I'm getting a new computer when I would probably be getting a new one anyway but I don't have to pay for it.  And, through some poor communication (and possibly a little bit of shadiness on my part that I would rather not go into here) I got a step-up from the comparable computers.  I went with another HP computer, the HP Pavilion dv2815nr

Unfortunately, I now have Windows Vista, but I suppose I will get used to it eventually.  I am just very happy to have this all resolved and to finally be able to use a computer again.  I will hopefully be updating this a little more frequently now.  🙂

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