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Entertainment QotW: Movie Prices July 1, 2008

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How much does a ticket cost at your usual movie theater? Does the price
affect the number of movies you see at the theater?
Submitted by Kristie.

I'm answering this one because it is Kristie's question and it is fun when you get picked for things on vox.  🙂

Unfortunately, I don't know exactly what a movie ticket costs here.  I think it is about $9 or $10 at the theater we go to.   Which is more than I was paying in Ann Arbor because all the theaters there have student prices.  There is a cheaper theater right down the street.  They just upped their prices from $6.50 to $6.75 for all shows.  But it is a very bad theater.  I've seen one movie there and the sound quality was so poor that Ben and I decided to see all other movies at the AMC from then on.

The high movie prices do affect how often we go to the movies.  We are very poor at the moment so we just wait until they come out on dvd or we don't see them at all.  We do see some bigger movies.  We saw Sex and the City and we are going to see the new batman movie this weekend.  But mostly, we don't go very often.

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