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Happy Feet – a surprisingly good movie July 12, 2008

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  After a long day of studying, I figured I would relax and watch a cute movie about Penguins singing and dancing.  Instead, I ended up on some emotional roller coaster, crying whenever Mumble (or anyone) was sad, laughing at Ramone, and getting worked up about the way humans are harming animals and the planet.  It was so much different than I expected, but I really liked it.  I loved the messages it gives about the environment and fighting back against the institution and people who do and believe things just because they always have.  I think it's a great movie for children – at least the kind of children that I would like to raise.  And it has dancing.  This movie was made for me.  :)  I know I'm late in seeing it, but if you haven't yet, definitely give it a chance.  It's more than just a cute cartoon movie, but of course if that's your thing, there are plenty of cute baby penguins in it.

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One Response to “Happy Feet – a surprisingly good movie”

  1. Kristie Says:

    I haven't seen all of this yet. I liked what I saw of it, but I need to finish it :o)

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