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I finally finished a book this month July 21, 2008

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July has not been the best reading month for me since every moment not spent studying is usually spent doing something (i.e., watching tv or a movie) with Ben (who is tired of reading by that time of the day since he spends all of his day reading while I study).  But despite the adventures of my weekend (Red Bull flugtag and seeing The Dark Knight) I did manage to finish:

People of the Book: A Novel

Geraldine Brooks

I thought it was pretty enjoyable.  I was a little disappointed because I thought that March was fantastic and I was hoping this would be just as good.  But it was still a good read.  It is about the Sarejvo Haggadah and it's long life.  It takes place at different moments in the books history from 15th century Spain to modern day Bosnia with many stops in between.  It's an interesting way to see the importance of an ancient religious text and the novel ultimately stands for the coexistence of the three Abrahamic religions.

When it came time to pick my next book I faced a dilemma.  I've been wanting to re-read the Twilight series before Breaking Dawn comes out.  If I wait until the bar exam is over, then I only have 2 days to read the 3 books and I know I can't do that.  But, I don't want to read them now because I'm afraid I'll get caught up in them and not study as hard as I should be studying at this point.  I know that my so-so Evidence grade was because of Eclipse and I can't really take that chance with this exam.  So I decided to put off the re-reading and if I do do it, then I will just try and read quickly and maybe postpone Breaking Dawn for a day or two.  More likely, I just won't do a re-read.

After deciding not to read Twilight, I then had to decide which book I should read.  I am still reading Emma for RBC but I wanted something else, too.  Whenever I'm reading a book, it seems like there are a million other books I want to read but then when it comes time to pick one out, I can't do it.  After much perusal of our collection, I finally settled on:

It is the second in the Thursday Next series, but I read The Eyre Affair so long ago that I can't remember a lot of it.  Hopefully it comes back to me.  Or else Ben is getting a bunch of questions while I read.

And Susan, if you are reading this, I am planning on getting to your books next month (she wants me to give fantasy a try and I promise I will).

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4 Responses to “I finally finished a book this month”

  1. Dominique Says:

    i really liked people of the book as well, but found the bits set in modern day no where near as well written as the bits in the past. I found myself skipping over them quicker. It was still a great read though. Good luck in your upcoming exam!

  2. Michelle Says:

    I agree. I found the modern day parts less interesting and Hanna a bit annoying. I liked Lola's part and the last girl's part the best.

  3. Kristie Says:

    I think it's good you put off rereading the Twilight series until your exam is over. There is no harm in being a few days behind a new novel's release. And I remember how much you love the series so I know you'd have trouble studying :oP
    I haven't read much by Geraldine Brooks. I read Year of Wonders and really liked it. I think what happens is the titles throw me off and I don't bother seeing what they're about. I need to give her some more attention I think :o)

  4. Michelle Says:

    Yes, I think I made the mature decision. I'm just so sick of studying and putting things off because of it. I can't wait until next Thursday when I can do whatever I want.I haven't read Year of Wonders. I can see how the titles would throw you off. If you like Little Women, I would give March a try. It was really good and a quick read.

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