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Lost in a Good Book instead of Studying July 29, 2008

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I decided to take the Zen approach to my final day of bar studying and just glance at a few notes before spending the rest of the day/evening relaxing and reading.  I ended up finishing Lost in a Good Book by Jasper Fforde.  It was really good.  I read The Eyre Affair a few years ago and I liked it but I didn't love it.  I loved this one.  I'm looking forward to the rest of the series.  And I just doubled my books read number for the month!

The bar exam is finally here.  I have the Florida part tomorrow and the Multistate part on Wednesday.  I'm not nervous.  Just glad that it's going to be over.  I feel pretty prepared (I will take all of the good luck wishes and prayers that you want to spare me though…).  I'm sure I could have learned more, but it just a pass-fail exam.  I'm meeting a friend from my bar review class for lunch as well so that should be nice.  And I'm thanking the bar examiners right now for holding the exam in Tampa so that I don't have to spend these next few days in a strange hotel room surrounded by stressed-out exam takers like most people.

Wish me luck!

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5 Responses to “Lost in a Good Book instead of Studying”

  1. sagedautumn Says:

    I wish you TONS of Luck and the VERY best of wishes Michelle! I hope you kick ass!

  2. Danielle Says:

    Good Luck! I am sure that you will do great!

  3. Emily Says:

    Good luck! So exciting for you that it will finally be over! Enjoy!

  4. Kristie Says:

    Good luck! Hope you do great (like I know you will)! :o)

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