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My New Job December 2, 2008

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So…I'm going to be a real lawyer.  :)  Our campaign office was located in a law firm and yesterday I went to lunch with the attorneys and they offered me a job.  I'll be working mostly with one partner doing labor and employment law.  I didn't think that I would want to work in a firm – I always pictured myself at a public defender's office or a legal aid office, but this firm feels right.  I've been around the lawyers and the other staff since August and I like the atmosphere.  They also spend most of their time helping the little guy, which is really what sold me on them.

One thing I'm looking forward to is the responsibility that I will be able to have here.  I'm going to get to do a lot of things that first year lawyers don't usually get to do.  And I'll have more flexibility than most new lawyers.  The responsibility would have scared me a few months ago, but now I'm ready for it.

The one thing that was holding me back was that I might miss out on an opportunity in DC.  I've expressed my interest in staying on with the Obama Administration and I was afraid to let that go.  But I was honest and told the lawyers about this concern.  They said that if something comes up, I won't be burning any bridges by taking it and going to Washington.  So the only thing that would have caused me to hesitate isn't really an issue.

I'm starting tomorrow afternoon.  Right back in the exact same office I was working in before.  It's crazy the way things work, huh?

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9 Responses to “My New Job”

  1. Emily Says:

    That's awesome Michelle – congratulations! It's awesome that you know the people you'll be working with – that's a huge benefit and makes deciding to take the job a much more comfortable decision.

  2. Michelle Says:

    Thank you. 🙂 And yes, that made it a lot easier. Plus, there was no awkward interview phase. I knew I liked them, they knew they like me, and that was that. And they've seen me at my worst already.

  3. Jennifer Says:

    That's great Michelle. I love how things always seem to just work out. Finishing school was really scary for me but everything worked out perfectly.

  4. Congratulations and good luck, Michelle. Sounds great!

  5. Maria Says:

    That's great! Congratulations Michelle!

  6. Bina Says:

    Congrats! Sounds like a great opportunity for you 🙂

  7. Kristie Says:

    Way to go! I'm glad you found a job that you like so much and that will let you explore your opportunities if they arise. Good luck! :o)

  8. Danielle Says:

    This is a little late, but congratulations!This is awesome!

  9. Lucia Says:

    [ciò è buono]

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