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A New List January 11, 2009

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EDIT: I did, in fact, revamp by old books read list.  I'm quite proud so you should take a look.

I want to start keeping track of the books I buy or otherwise get each month so I made another google page which you can see here.  This is in addition to my list of books read which I think needs to be revamped (and flipped so the most recent books are at the top), so that will be my next project.

I also have been toying with the idea of creating a list of all of the books I own (sort of my own little library catalog).  Part of me thinks it would be handy and part of me thinks it may be a huge waste of time.  But I'll probably do it someday when I'm bored.

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7 Responses to “A New List”

  1. How about starting with books you own but haven't read? Might be a good way of getting some encouragement to read some of them.

  2. Michelle Says:

    Unfortunately, that doesn't really cut down on the work by much. I have A LOT of unread books.

  3. Emily Says:

    I like your pages!I have a Google Spreadsheet where I keep track of all the books I own. Unfortunately, I don't always do the best job entering new books, and I have yet to enter all of my existing books. But I work on it slowly over time, and it is nice to have. In my spreadsheet, I keep track of the following info: Title, Author, Genre, The year my copy was published, the year the book was first published, the published, the date I read it (if it's read), how many pages it is, and what year I bought it. I also have a column for notes (where I can note if it's signed, if I lent it to someone, who it was a gift from, etc). I'm thinking about adding another column to keep track of where I bought it.

  4. Michelle Says:

    You should like my pages since you're the person I originally stole the idea from. :)That is a lot of columns. But I can see that if you are going to go through the trouble, you might as well keep track of everything. Maybe I'll start with my new books and then work my way back. Thanks for letting me know what you do – it helps me to figure out how I should make my list.

  5. Bina Says:

    I like your books read page, I keep track like that too. And it´s great to paste for all the list posts on vox and RBC ;)I still haven´t been brave enough to start Libba Bray´s books. Would you still recommend them if I don´t like too romatic girly and esoteric stuff (cause the summayr sounds like that)?Wow, a catalog would probably take a lot of time. I never get around to it. But I guess now´s the time to start before you get even more books 😀

  6. Michelle Says:

    I had to look up what esoteric meant. 😛 I don't like the Gemma Doyle series as much as everyone else seems to. I think they are fine, easy reading but Gemma drives me crazy. They are fairly girly but not really that romantic. I also haven't read the last book so maybe it redeems the entire series.

  7. Bina Says:

    A word a day;) I just hoped it was the correct translation form German esoterisch. I just saw that you´d read Rebel Angels so I thought I´d ask. Girly scares me off, might read it on the beach 🙂

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