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New Bookcase = A Saturday of Organization May 17, 2009

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Our book collection has grown considerable this year and despite starting out with plenty of room in our "library," we found ourselves stacking books wherever they would fit.  While waiting for our movie to start on Saturday (Angels & Demons – pretty good if you ignore the dialogue) we wandered into Office Depot (or Max…I can never tell the difference) and fell in love with one of the bookcases.  It was a tall bookcase which is what we wanted and it didn't force you to hide any of your books on the end.  Plus, it was on clearance.  So we bought it.  Here it is:

And of course, a new bookcase meant we had to rearrange some of the books which then led us to completely rearrange the whole room.  We left our organizational system the same for the most part (by author's country with a few genre exceptions) but moved pretty much every bookcase, couch and lamp to a new part of the loft.  I think it looks very nice now (sorry – the room is too small to get great shots):

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9 Responses to “New Bookcase = A Saturday of Organization”

  1. Bina Says:

    [das ist gut]

  2. I love the idea of arranging according to country of author. That's a great idea. My book organizational system works along the lines of "I wonder what book is next to that book?"

  3. Jennifer Says:

    It looks great!

  4. Michelle Says:

    Well, if you're ever in Florida, you're welcome to hang out in my library. :)And I change my mind a lot, too. But this one has stuck around for awhile.

  5. Michelle Says:

    I used to change mine a lot but we did this version last summer and I really like it.

  6. Maria Says:

    Your loft/library is fantastic!

  7. Lucia Says:

    [ciò è buono]

  8. Carmen Says:

    oh, lovely bookcase!! 🙂

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