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Executives, Messengers, and Scientologists June 1, 2009

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I'm reading The Mysterious Benedict Society and, for those of you who haven't read it, there is this organization that is very secretive that plays the role of the "bad guys."  The people in this organization keep to themselves, follow strict rules, and where uniforms.  All I see when I read about them are Scientologists.

For those of you unfamiliar with Scientology, the spiritual headquarters is in Clearwater, Florida, just steps away from my office.  Thus, I am frequently surrounded by Scientologists.  And I mean surrounded.  The travel in packs – and quickly.  There buildings take up much of downtown Clearwater and they are all windowless (or have blinds closed at least) and key-padded.  The Scientologists all wear the same uniforms.  They bustle from building to building and wait patiently on street corners for buses and vans (which stop for approximately 30 seconds and manage to load and unload 5 million people).  When I first started working in Clearwater, it made me a little uneasy.  But I've grown used to it now.  I tried to find a good picture on the internet, but this was the only one I saw.  It's a bus with a few Scientologists and happens to be about a block from my office.

The Scientologists are always very busy (even at 1am – we would still see them during late campain nights).  Perhaps they are planning some sort of Mysterious Benedict Society-esqe scheme…

PS – To any Scientologists reading this, I mean no harm or insult to your religion.  I merely wanted to voice my thoughts and have no problem with Scientology.  I may not understand it, but all religions seem strange to outsiders.

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