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Re-focused Reading Plan: War and Peace June 8, 2009

Filed under: Reading Goals — Michelle @ 8:50 am

I haven’t had much time to read lately and it was only a two week library loan, so I’m going to have to temporarily give up on T.S. Spivet.  I only read the first chapter, so it’s not a huge loss right now.  I would like to get back to it someday though.

Before picking up another book, I think I’m going to focus on War and Peace.  I thought I could read some of it each week and continue to read other books, but it turns out I can’t.  I end up only reading the other books.  And since Jennifer finished it, I feel inspired to do so as well.

I am, however, reserving the right to read something else if I’m still reading it when I go on vacation in a few weeks.  Because vacation reading should not be War and Peace.  And it is a long car ride to Michigan.

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