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The Hazards of Love October 1, 2009

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This post has nothing to do with books or reading.  But I wanted to share the amazingness that was The Decemberists concert because I know for a fact some of you are fans and I’m sick of people saying “the december-whos?”

Their show was quite possibly the best concert I’ve ever been to.  They were better than their recordings which is my secret hope every time I go to a show.  The first half was a perfectly orchestrated performance with each song flowing right into the next just like their albums.  The second half was more intimate with band members chatting, doing handstands, and crowd surfing.  They played all my favorite songs and showed me how great some of the songs I overlooked are.  Ben and I haven’t been to a show in years (we used to live at concerts when we were dating in college but then we got poor for a long time).  This one was much mellower than the concerts we frequented in the old days but a perfect way to get back into it.

The show was at the Hard Rock Live at Universal Studio’s City Walk in Orlando.  It was a great venue – small but not crowded.  Going to a show 2 hours away on a Wednesday night may have been poor planning (we got home at 2am) but any sleep deprivation we suffered was wortth it.  I would drive to Miami or even Atlanta in a heartbeat to see them again.  If you ever get the chance to see them you should.  And if you aren’t familiar with The Decemberists yet (the december-whats?), you should immediately go out and buy their entire discography.

Because words can’t really capture their fantasticness, here is some seripitiously taken video (sorry for the iphone quality/does anyone know how to rotate video on here?):

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