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Read-a-Thon October 10, 2009

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I’ve decided to participate in this fall’s 24-hour Read-a-Thon.  The Read-a-Thon begins on October 24th at 8am (in my time zone).  24 hours of reading books, updating my blog, reading other blogs, and doing mini-challenges.  When I first discovered this event, I was intrigued but not sure I wanted to participate.  Then I kept reading about how much fun everyone says it is.  I don’t know how hardcore I’ll be (it’s been years since I’ve voluntarily pulled an all-nighter) but I’m definitely going to spend the majority of my day reading.

To make this even more special, and because it is October, for each book I finish, I will be donating $10 extra to my in-laws’ 2010 Breast Cancer 3-Day fund (That was the link to my mother-in-law’s, but for a laugh check out my father-in-law’s page).

Here is my pile of books to choose from.  I will obviously not be getting through all of these.  Let’s face it, I’ll be lucky if I finish 3.  But I wanted to have some variety.  And I have a few books coming from the library as well.  And of course, I can always grab one of the other 300 books in my house that I haven’t read.  I tried to pick shorter and/or easier books that would keep my attention.

Read-a-Thon Books

Anyone else want to participate with me?

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